Steve Rolston

Ghost Projekt Cover

Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting artist Steve Rolston at a signing at Legends Comics in Victoria. Steve is probably best known for his work illustrating the first four issues of Greg Rucka’s Eisner Award winning series espionage series, Queen & Country. He has also worked on such varied titles as Emiko Superstar, Pounded, Mek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Escapists, Degrassi and the supernatural thriller Ghost Projekt, not to mention One Fine Day: a graphic novel which he wrote as well as illustrated. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the amiable Steve Rolston and he was kind enough to not only answer some questions that I had but also to sign copies of Mek and The Escapists for me. Steve will be staying in Victoria for another day to attend Sunday’s VIMACS II event at Pearkes Field House at Tillicum Mall, so if you missed him at Legends today then you’ll be able to meet him there tomorrow. I highly recommend that you do so as you’ll not only be supporting a great Canadian artist but a nice guy as well.

A Good Time, Not a Long Time…

As part of the ongoing conga line of changes here at Pre-Apocalyptic Blues HQ, I have to announce that the last posted comic, Lifetime Piling Up, will be the final one with Colin Rutherford as captain at the helm of the Art Boat. In his short time here he has charmed us with his clean, retro style and he will be missed. However, if you start missing him too much and can’t get anything productive done then fear not! You can still find him at his portfolio site where he regularly produces artwork for your enjoyment.

Pre-Apocalyptic Blues will continue delivering weekly wordy wonders to entertain and enlighten. We have some more great guest artists lined up for the coming weeks and we’re always on the lookout for more. So if you would like to contribute your own talents,  don’t be shy, get in touch. Drop us a message at preapoccomic[at]gmail[dot]com.

Sounding the Call for Artists

As you may be aware, there have been some changes to Pre-Apocalyptic Blues recently, not the least of which has been the addition of Colin Rutherford as artist. Colin has been able to take the comic in a different direction with his own unique style of artwork to the enjoyment of all. Unfortunately, Colin has found that other projects will soon be taking up more of his time and he won’t be able to continue creating comics for us as regularly as we would like.

So we’re putting a call out to artists. Who wants to join in the fun? Whether you are interested in contributing artwork for regular strips or just the occasional guest strip, get in touch. If you have a friend that might be interested, send them our way. Ultimately, we’d love to get enough involvement from creative folks to keep Pre-Apocalyptic Blues going with solid, schedule of strips weekly, but there’s nothing saying that we can’t do more than that as well.

We’ve already planned a few surprises for the coming weeks, but we’d love to have more, and we love to have you be a part of it.

Please direct all messages to preapoccomic[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you.