Simon is a “cool hunter”, mining the youth and street culture for the next big thing for his corporate employers. Trent is a relaxed, go-with-the-flow kind of guy with a tech obsession and a dead-end job. Together, they’re trying to make their way through life without getting caught in the downward spiral of a planet on the edge of self-destruction.

Pre-Apocalyptic Blues is a darkly humorous web-comic series that takes place in the near-future of our modern world. It’s a world where incredible progress has been made in science and technology: life extension treatments, cybernetics, and more. It’s just a shame that the human race hasn’t progressed equally well. Welcome to the future, where the more things change, they more they keep sucking.

Pre-apocalyptic Blues is written by Chris Tihor, illustrated by Kevin Macintyre and Colin Rutherford, and updated every Monday whether or not it needs it.

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